It is early days yet but it is emerging that plans are in motion in an attempt to get Tara Mines up and running in a sustainable manner.

The plan is to be back mining in the second quarter of this year but there are issues to be involved.

One thing is pretty certain it will not re-open with the same numbers and part of the plan will involve some

form of voluntary redundancies. The plan is due to be finalised this coming week and negotiations will commence ay the Workplace Relations Commission.

 Tara Mines general manager Gunnar Nyström said that they hoped the mine would reopen in the second quarter of 2024.

“Earlier today we updated employees regarding our ambition to re-open the mine in the second quarter of this year,” Tara Mines general manager Gunnar Nyström said.

“As part of our desire to secure a timely re-opening, we have been developing a rescue plan designed to address operational challenges at Tara Mines,” he added.

Should the plan by management is accepted by unions, Tara Mines said they will propose to open a voluntary redundancy scheme.

“If we can reach agreement with the Group of Unions on the details of the rescue plan, we propose to formally open a voluntary severance scheme.

“We are acutely aware of how difficult the last few months have been for our employees, and for the wider community. With the support of the Boliden Group, we are determined to re-open as soon as possible,” Mr Nyström said

“To re-open the mine sustainably, difficult decisions will need to be made.

These decisions will be made in the best interests of the Company and employees, and the aim is to bring certainty

and clarity about the future of Boliden Tara Mines,” the letter said.

At this stage unions would not have a clear picture of what management is seeking.

Tara Mines has been a major employer in Navan since it first went into operation back in 1977.

The economic benefits have been immense over the years and local businesses will hope that agreement is reached

for everyone’s benefit.

When the mine closed in the summer of last year the effects were felt around the town and county.

As Navan has grown significantly since the late 70’s  Tara Mines still continues to be a major employer in the county.