As the Navan bus service continues to grow in numbers of customers on existing routes, Cllr Emer Tóibín has called for an extension to services to be extended to the north of the town.

Following approaches she has confirmed the National Roads Authority is considering extending the public transport service in Navan.

Aontu’s Cllr. Emer Tóibín who is lobbying for the service to be says,

“As part of the Active Travel campaign, there has been a sizeable push to get people out of their cars and onto public transport. This is all very well but there has to be an actual public transport service to reflect this push. The N2 town bus serves a densely populated area of north Navan but it is only conveniently accessible to a section of the population. I am looking for an extension of this service to make it accessible to residents of estates on Flowerhill, Blackcastle Demense, Fitzherbert and many other developments on the eastern side of north Navan. This is a densely populated area and many of my constituents have expressed their frustration at not having a viable public transport option”.

“It’s like everything; if the service is there, people will use it. This is borne out by the fact that since the Navan town bus service was introduced in 2020, upwards of 10,000 passenger journeys are made each week”.

“I have written to the National Road Authority seeking this extension and it has responded saying that while it has no firm current plans, it is conducting an overall review of the service and the extension to the Slane Road and Flowerhill area may be extended . This would be an extremely welcome move for the bus using public of North Navan and I will continue to lobby on their behalf.

For further information contact Cllr. Emer Tóibín 087 6778682