A north Meath beauty spot which had previously been searched for the bodies of the ‘disappeared’ from the Northern Ireland troubles, has become a dumping ground for dead animals.

Thirteen years ago an extensive search of the bog failed to discover the body of Belfast man Brendan Megraw.

He was abducted from his home at Twinbrook in 1978, just a month before his 23rd birthday.

He had left early in the morning to meet his mother Brigid in the city centre. Nine men went to his home and injected his pregnant wife Maree with a tranquiliser or sedative and waited for him to arrive back.

Although his wife was hysterical, he had no option but to go with the men and has not been seen since. In 1999, Brendan’s brother, Kieran, was called to a meeting where he was told by IRA representatives that his brother had been abducted by the IRA and shot.

Shortly afterwards a list of IRA victims was released and Brendan Megraw’s name was on it. The information was given that his body was buried at Emlagh Bog, Oristown.

Over the last twelve months the remains of dead sheep, two mutilated pigs and a large deer have been discovered on the bog near the town of Kells.

And just last week carcasses of dead sheep, wrapped in black bin liners were found there causing outrage locally and making one irate councillor declare ‘Enough is enough this has to stop.’

Above pic; Cllr Paul McCabe with the dumped carcasses.

Fianna Fáil’s Paul McCabe told the Sunday World, “For the umpteenth time discarded sheep carcasses have been dumped on Emlagh Bog this time packed in black refuge sacks. 

“This most recent discovery follows on from previous similar events. Some months ago a local lady made the grizzly discovery of two mutilated pigs. Previous to that, more dismembered sheep carcasses were dumped, and last year the remains of a deer was discovered.

“There are no explanations for these incidents. We are all puzzled. 

“The matter is currently being investigated by the Environment Department of Meath County Council.

‘Enough is enough please get in touch if you have any information which will be treated with confidentiality” commented Cllr. McCabe.

Locals have reacted furiously to the incidents and there have been calls for round the clock security at the location.

One said, ‘There needs to be CCTV cameras monitoring the bog 24/7 because those doing the dumping under cover of darkness know they are at no risk of being caught.

‘It is a genuine mystery as to who is doing this, it could be the same person doing all of it or a number of people but whoever is at it feels safe in doing it and that has to stop.

‘It is an area where people regularly go for walks but now everyone round here is wondering what is the next thing they will find dumped.’