Councillor Joe Bonner has branded the 7,700 page infrastructure application by the Dublin Airport Authority, (DAA), as the largest planning application he has ever seen.

Bonner told Meath Live, ‘There is a public meeting in the Coolquay Lodge tonight, (Thursday 18th), and I would advise anyone affected by the noise of aircraft to attend.

‘This planning application is massive and I am in no doubt it is designed to sap the energy of objectors to it, I mean who is going to read 7,700 pages, it is longer than War and Peace which is always said to be the longest book ever written,

‘Seriously though if this application gets the go ahead it will have a serious impact on the whole East Meath area and that impact will be entirely negative, it is envisaged that if it gets through it will see the airport cater for up to 40 million passengers and you can only imagine how many more flights that will entail.

‘As always there is strength in numbers so I would strongly encourage people to get to tonight’s meeting and make their voices heard.’