A local councillor has issued the chilling warning that, ‘Someone will die’, unless the anti immigrant narrative being spun by the far right is challenged.

Alan Lawes told Meath Live ‘ Take the protests in Roscrea for example, locals had genuine, and understandable, concerns over whether local GP’s could provide services, whether there would be employment locally and all of a sudden the far right gets involved and the whole show turns into an anti immigrant issue which was never the intention.

‘Don’t think for one minute similar could not happen in Navan.

‘Last year a group of French students arrived in Johnstown and while host families were collecting them certain individuals took photos of the group, some of whom were black, and posted them on Facebook claiming the government was sneaking immigrants into Johnstown, completely twisting the true story.

‘In another incident locally green lasers were shone through the windows of a property where people from a war zone were being housed, so be under no illusions a Roscrea type scenario could happen here.

‘Remember also last year how the far right protested outside Finglas Garda station shouting that they would find where immigrants were being housed and but them out, not that has actually happened.

‘I understand completely the genuine concerns people have but the far right are manipulating the protests and that is very far wrong, unless somebody shouts stop my fear is someone will die, I think we have been lucky nobody has so far.’