Concerted campaign’s over many years by several Navan groups, working together for a badly needed bus service, has borne fruit, with the news that the long-awaited service will launch on the 29th of January.

Aontú Cllr. Emer Tóibín has confirmed that the new bus service will start in Enfield and go through Longwood, Ballivor, Kildalkey, Trim, Dunderry, Robinstown and Navan.

It will run a return service five times per day, providing residents in each of these villages with their long hoped for public transport service.

Cllr. Tóibín says this is wonderful news and evidence of what can happen when people collaborate for the common good.

“We were all determined to make this happen; locals and the Local Link Service based here in Navan”.

“I became aware of the lack of such a service during one of my earliest canvasses five years ago. I was astounded to learn that Robinstown residents, although less than 7 km from Navan or Trim, had no access to public transport. They had no way to get to a shop or a secondary school without a car. I found it both baffling and highly frustrating that for some reason, the NTA ( National Transport Authority ) and BE ( Bus Eireann) would not include this and other villages on the public transport network. Many people living in these villages who don’t have cars are literally stranded and have to depend on the kindness of a neighbour or a family member to get them to where they need to go”.

“One family I spoke with mentioned that each parent had to have his or her own car to get to work and their eldest child also needed her own car to get to college. So, a small household needed to own and run three cars just to access their work place and education – and we are not talking about remote rural Ireland here – we are talking about small villages close to large urban towns being left to their own devices”.

“We may have a green party in government but its public transport policy leaves a lot to be desired. I’m a firm believer that people will use public transport if number one , it’s there, and number two, it’s reliable.

“The same carbon tax increases, fuel and toll hikes are heaped on people without the option of public transport until now. Plenty of stick with none of the carrot, a common feature of this current Government’s ‘green’ hued policy in non-urban areas”.

“I know countless residents in these villages who will be delighted when this service is up and running – it will quite literally be life changing for them ; it will allow them independence, students will be able to get to college without the need for a parent to drive them to the neighbouring town, teenagers and young adults will be able to get out and about without having to depend on their parents and commuters will be able to get to a connecting service in the neighbouring bigger town”.

“I wish to thank especially the staff of Local Link, Navan for continuing the push to get this service to the people who need it. It took many years of perseverance and adopting a solid common sense approach, something Aontú prides itself in reflecting in its own pursuit of much need transport infrastructure in Navan, its environs and the people who populate these communities”.