As we move into the weekend Navan will see major changes in the traffic system around the town.
Meath County Council has issued the following press release outlining the changes to be implemented from
Sunday afternoon. Pedestrians should also be careful as vehicle traffic will now be coming from different
directions so when crossing street be vigilant.

The changes were delayed  before the busy Christmas season to help business community get over the festive trading

and avoid disruption to the existing traffic system.

Work still continues around the town with major disruption on the Trim road and the ever incessant delays on
the Athlumney road in the approach to the town.


From 4.00 pm on Sunday, January 28 th , changes will be made to the management of traffic on Bridge
Street, Ludlow Street, and Market Square as part of the Navan Town Scheme, Navan 2030.
Meath County Council aims to enhance connectivity between regional and inter-urban bus services
and the town’s local bus services and taxis and to improve accessibility for bus users, resulting in
more people being brought into the heart of Navan to work, visit, or for shopping. The focus of the
traffic changes is to achieve the re-direction of bus services into the centre of Navan to the new bus
interchange located on Kennedy Road.

As part of these traffic management changes, vehicles exiting the town will be permanently
restricted from travelling southbound on Ludlow Street and Bridge Street via Market Square &
Timmons Hill, and also onto Bridge Street via Church Hill. The direction of traffic will be reversed on
Bridge Street and Ludlow Street.


Traffic flow will be made two-way on Market Square from the Kennedy Road/Trimgate Street
junction to the ‘Bull’ sculpture at ‘Market Square,’ with the traffic direction reversed on the southern
side of ‘Market Square’ to provide a ‘bus gate’ (to facilitate buses, taxis, and cyclists travelling from
the Ludlow Street direction).


Alongside these changes, specific changes will be made at key junctions. At Timmons Hill/Market
Square junction, the traffic will be restricted to a right turn only at the junction (towards Watergate

At Market Square (South), the traffic flow will be reversed and will be used only by buses, taxis, and
bicycles. At the nearby Church Hill, traffic is to be restricted to a left turn only (i.e., no right turn onto
Bridge Street). And finally, entry to Bridge Street will only be permitted via Academy Street and a left
turn from Circular Road, with exit via Church Hill or Ludlow Street.