Despite repeated calls to Irish Water a resident of Johnswood estate in Ashbourne was forced to leave his home

and move into a hotel the smell of sewage was so bad.

Eventually after they were  contacted by  Cllr Joe Bonner, Irish Water cleaned up the overflow but one of the residents

who spoke to us at Meath Live explained,

”Sewage began to collect outside the the front of my house along with a number of other houses for a number of days,early last week.

There is a fall to the the houses and there was obviously a block on the sewage lines and it backed down and came onto the front of the street and gardens”

”I made calls to Irish Water but to no avail then I spoke to Joe Bonner and he contacted them.

There is some problem with the sewage pipes as it has happened before back in 2019 before Covid.’

He explained ”There was old rags and materials in the sewage but the smell was so bad I had to leave the house. There is also the danger to people’s health,

I was able to afford to leave the house ,others weren’t and had to live in the mess and stench. It’s just not acceptable.

They need to put some cameras down the system and see what is causing the issue because it will happen again.”

”Irish Water did come out but  I had to go to Cllr Joe Bonner to get him to help me.”

Cllr. Joe Bonner

Cllr. Joe Bonner

When we contacted Cllr Bonner he confirmed this is a real issue in Ashbourne,

”I am asking Irish Water to take responsibility for their networks and not to throw it back to families with their red tape”

This is happening all over Ashbourne ,the infrastructure is failing and Irish Water are washing their hands on these type of issues.

Meath Live contacted Irish Water/Uisce Éireann who would only confirm that they had acted on the Tuesday when they got a contractor to deal with

the sewage blockage they issued the following statement;

” I have been advised by the Wastewater Ops Lead for Meath that there was a sewer blockage on Tuesday which was attended to

and cleared by Uisce Éireann’s contractor that evening.”

They did not respond to a number of questions we asked including why did it take so long before they dealt with the complaint

and if any further remedial work would be done. They offered no apology that a man had to leave his home, the stench was so bad.

and if they would compensate him for out of pocket expense to move out of his house.