Following the issue of letters to employees of Tara Mines outlining the management plans to reopen the mines. The unions came out in condemnation of the unilateral action.

Meath Live contacted management and asked them why they had issued the communication without consultation to the relevant unions. The following statement was issued to us;

“We are engaging fully with the Group of Unions through the WRC process and are clear that an agreement with the Group of Unions will be required in order to re-open the mine.

At the outset of discussions, we shared the proposed rescue plan with employees, to be transparent with them about what is being proposed. Employees are welcome to contact us directly if they wish, or through their union representative. Ultimately, it is an agreement between the company and the unions that will deliver a re-opening.”

If agreement is reached with the unions and staff the mines will operate with a reduction of numbers and the tonnage extracted will drop to a target of 1.8 million tonnes.

Numbers employed at Boliden will also fall if agreement can be reached. The numbers in question could be well over 160 or more. Boliden would not confirm the exact numbers being sought.

The mines have been on a care and maintenance since June ’23, now moving into its eight month. This represents a major loss in contribution to economic benefits to Navan and the community. Though employees Meath Live have spoken to many, who have picked temporary work but do not enjoy the wages they earned at Boliden. We understand too that a number of employees have also availed of early redundancy  packages. These would apply to staff in their early sixties but falls way short of the numbers needed by management.

Negotiations are now ongoing to see if agreement can be reached to bring the mine into operation later this year.