As couples and friends across Ireland gear up to celebrate Valentine’s Day this February, the nation’s most romantic locations have been revealed in a new study.

To help love birds plan the perfect date night, HelloFresh Ireland, providers of Valentine’s Day recipes, have analysed over 30 cities and towns across Ireland to find the ultimate romantic destination. Data experts evaluated each location across various categories, including accommodation options, dining experiences, entertainment choices and affordability.

The results are in, and the beautiful town of Killarney has emerged as the most romantic location. Killarney boasts the most romantic hotels and accommodations per capita, and offers some of the most affordable meal and wine options. It’s a haven for couples seeking a dreamy escape without breaking the bank.
Navan is also right up there on the rankings coming in at a credible 4th in the top ten that might surprise some of the locals.

Top 10 Date Spots in Ireland




Navan (An Uaimh)







The research also revealed fascinating insights into Ireland’s dining scene. A meal for two at a mid-range restaurant with three courses can cost you €100 in Clonmel, while the budget-friendly Longford offers the same experience at just €52.50.

For those opting for a cinematic experience, Navan emerges as the most economical choice with a ticket priced at €7.25, while Greystones comes at a premium with tickets reaching €14.

The analysis also delved into the components of a perfect date night-in. Clonmel stands out for offering the most affordable bottle of wine at €8, whereas Waterford is on the higher end at €18.

Local cheese aficionados will find Portlaoise and Mallow the most budget-friendly, with prices as low as €2.29 for artisan cheese. On the contrary, Cavan presents the indulgent option at €18.75 for the most expensive local cheese in the dataset.

For the ultimate night in, Sligo offers the most budget-friendly cheese and wine combo, with indulgent bottles of wine for £10 and cheese for just £3.

Previous data from HelloFresh found that 66% of the Irish public agree the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, but 83% find the cost of dining out on Valentine’s Day overpriced. Thanks to the top 10 most romantic spots list, those celebrating can easily find affordable options.

Couples and friends can also enjoy a tasty home cooked meal from HelloFresh this Valentine’s Day, whether that’s with tasty Valentine’s Day recipe ideas or with a recipe box.