Footage of an alleged car thief being attacked by an irate van owner has racked up thousands of views on social media.

In the shocking incident,(Video below), which lasts three minutes and took place last Tuesday night, on Reask Crescent in Navan a man in an orange shirt is seen approaching a white van, he leans in the window and screams at the man inside, ‘Open my van now, open my van now’.

When the drivers door opens he begins raining punches on the much smaller man inside, and roars, ‘Whi the f**k are you, who the f**k are you, get out of my f*****g van’ before dragging him out of the van throwing him on the floor and proceeding to kick him about the head and body,

Sickeningly he appears to continue stamping on his victim when he is already out cold and cold bloodedly uses a stick to continue the beating before picking him up and throwing him on the grass verge,

A voice can then be heard to shout, ‘Leave the c**t where he is’ at which point the assailant momentarily walks away,

Incredibly he then returns and appears to rifle through the unconscious mans pockets, and can clearly be seen taking things from them and appearing to place them in his own pocket.

He then bends down and removes the knocked out mans shoes placing them in his van before another man arrives on the scene along with a female.

The two men then appear to briefly check on the stricken mans condition before grabbing an arm each and dragging him away from where the attack happened.

One source revealed, ‘The guy ended up in hospital, it was an over reaction when he saw him in his van, he went a bit too far.’

Gardai have been contacted for comment.