A college student who was at home over the weekend to celebrate her birthday was the heroine of a three hour saga on Sunday that saw her help rescue two dogs which had been abandoned on one of Ireland’s most historic sites.

Miriam Ní Mhongáin, from Boardsmill in Meath, saw the two dogs tied to a tree in a wooded area on the Hill Of Tara, home to the High Kings of Ireland and traditionally linked to St Patrick.


However, she was unable to release them as one of them kept attacking her when she tried.

Miriam revealed, ‘The smaller of the two, who I was later told was a French bulldog, kept snarling at me if I went anywhere near them, basically it was trying to protect the bigger dog.

‘The poor things were that desperate to be free they had chewed the bark off a tree as they tried to bite the ropes that chained them.

‘I rang the Gardai in Navan but they didn’t pick up so I tried Trim Gardai who had nobody available to help, I tried the ISPCA and every vets I could think of but it being a Sunday either nobody answered or they hadn’t the staff to help.

‘I even called my dad and asked him to drive into Navan Garda station to see if they could send someone out, a fifty mile round trip for him, but when he got there they had nobody to spare.

‘I’d been there three hours at that stage but I felt I couldn’t leave the poor things on their own and everyone else seems to ignore them so I decided to post on Facebook and see if that worked and it actually did

‘Coolronan Animal Rescue from Ballivor, which is further away from Tara than my house, sent a woman called Ramona Cunningham out, but she was faced with the same problem I had, the bulldog kept forcing her back.’

Ramona though solved the problem with the help of an everyday kitchen accessory!

Miriam recalled, ‘She got a tea towel from her car and threw it to the bulldog which distracted it long enough for her to untie the knots and set them free.

Mystery surrounds how the dogs arrived in Tara in the first place, although the owner has since claimed they were stolen.

‘They were brought back to the animal sanctuary then.’

Coolronan animal sanctuary said, ‘They were chipped so we could contact the owner in Blanchardstown, who claimed they had been stolen earlier that day and agreed it might be better for the dogs if we looked after them and got them rehoused.’

However sources have come up with two other theories.

One claimed, ‘ It appears a close relative of the owner didn’t like the dogs and when the owner was away they removed them, the other story doing the rounds is that the owner had a falling out with some nasty people who basically took his dogs away.’

Miriam said, ‘I don’t mind how they got there I am just glad they are safe.’