Meath East TD, and Minister for Sport, Thomas Byrne, has dampened speculation that Katie Taylors dream Croke Park fight with Chantelle Cameron will go ahead this May.

Byrne revealed that nobody from Matchroom boxing, who promote Taylor, has yet spoken to his department regarding the bout, and that Taylors management company last spoke to them over a year ago.

Sean McGoldrick, on the website quotes Byrne as saying,

“We heard this, that some months ago there were discussions with the government.

 There were no discussions with me,” said Byrne who said he wasn’t aware of any plan being submitted to the Department. “Unless they did it yesterday or something.

“We had very brief discussions in January of last year about the possibility and there was some information provided to the Department at that stage.

“That was with Katie’s management team really, it wasn’t with the promoters, and they made the proposal to the Department but then they made a different decision.

“Nobody talked to us about it. You see this all the time. We’ve said this consistently on this issue and on other issues as well, if they come to us with a proposal, we’ll absolutely look at every proposal fairly, and I’ve said that.”