‘What you do in the men’s sheds is really important work that is good for the
body and the mind’, Minister for Justice Helen McEntee, told Slane and District
Men’s Shed on her visit there on yesterday Monday, 25 March after a hectic week.

‘I know from my current and former ministerial roles and, indeed as a
Constituency TD, that life doesn’t necessarily get easier as we get older.
Indeed, many significant life experiences that are associated with aging such as
retirement, bereavement, separation, and serious illness, can all have a
negative impact on one’s mental health’, she said.

 Above pic; Minister for Justice,Helen-McEntee TD at Slane Mens Shed

metalwork area where mobile field kitchen

 is being built for Meath River Rescue.

‘It’s great that men’s sheds are there as an outlet for company and activity for
men who are going through such life transitions. I know from talking to your
members on earlier visits that coming to the Shed and meeting other men, as
well as getting involved in personal and community projects, has been a
lifesaver for some of them.’

‘It’s great that the Slane Shed is able to be open five days a week from ten to
four, as this gives men great scope for involvement in your wide range of
The Minister visited the metalwork building where the work is continuing on
the mobile field kitchen for Meath River Rescue. She congratulated the team
on the work that they were doing.

‘If there is anything that I can do to support your work, my door is always
open’, she said.
Shed Chairman, Kevin Macken, the driving force behind the mobile field
kitchen project, thanked the Minister for taking the time to visit the Shed and
to meet the members.

 Above; Minister-for-Justice-Helen-McEntee-TD-in-Slane-Mens-Shed-With-Shed-Members and below chatting

to members over tea and scones.
‘The Shed gives a welcome to any men who want to come along and meet
others, whether it’s to simply hang out and chat over a cup of tea or whether
it’s to learn and practice new skills, or work on personal and community
projects’, he said.
‘When men reach a certain age and especially when they are retired, they can
be very stuck for things to do and this can cause loneliness and depression.
Men’s sheds provide a healthy and engaging social outlet’, Kevin said.

‘We’d love to hear from anyone who’s interested in what we do. If anyone
wants to know more, they can call us at 0866003636 or email
Slane and District Men’s Shed started up in its own buildings in September
2019. The shed is open from ten to four, five days a week. It has dedicated
woodwork and metalwork areas, a computer room, fitted kitchen and separate
canteen, an exercise room with aerobic machines, and a general-purpose
recreational area that hosts training courses, physical exercise classes, cards,
music lessons, musical evenings, and games such as pool and bowls.

This year, the Shed is partnering again with LMETB to put on a range of courses
including mindfulness, positive psychology, photography, computer skills, and
cookery. The Shed is also partnering for the first time with Age Action Ireland
to provide one to one tutoring sessions in how to make effective use of
smartphones, laptops and other devices. Participants will have their own tutor
for one to two hours a week for five weeks, beginning in April.

John O’Dowd, PRO, 0876797365 slanemenshedpro@gmail.com