Last month, Cllr Nick Killian and Cllr Gillian Toole along with a number of concerned individuals
met up with some of the management team of daa to voice concerns at the issues affecting the people
living and working in south Meath in and around Ratoath and Ashbourne.
They asked a number of questions looking for answers.
The main concern being why do daa allow planes fly over over the houses in the area and why could the

planes be diverted away and fly south of Ratoath and keep to the intended flight paths in the original planning.

They also challenged conflicts of interest, noise monitoring, complaints procedures and how the northern runway was

being currently utilised. They also drew attention to the massive disruption to trying to live with the impact of the noise

and the issues to health.

Cllr Killian pointed out at the examples of older persons’ disturbances and  experience Donaghmore area.

To his personal  experiences at office Ratoath when he said he thought there was going to be a plane

landing in the main street such was the noise.

He went on to mentioned that the East Meath area has a population “cluster” of dementia
and autistic conditions which the current continuous noise is very impactful and

There was strong challenges about the lack of  communication by Air Nav

It was  also explained that Air Nav have never responded to any communications or queries
since August 2023 (contrary to their published policy of 10 days response time) albeit
complainants are directed to speak to Air Nav due to their function as managers of
current flight paths over Meath.

Cllr Gillian Toole

There were a number of technical based queries which daa promised to get replies back to the delegation.

Cllr Toole expressed her disappointment that the daa have to date ignored the issues when brought

up by local councillors in the area but the daa will talk to high profile TD’s, that their

concerns are just as important as they represent the people in the are that have to deal with the noise.

The delegation also pointed out they want to work to find resolution, understanding the importance

the airport plays in the running of the country but the local population cannot be expected to have to deal

with noise, pollution and health issue.

They expect to hear back from the daa. Meanwhile……


Meath live also understands the Minister Helen McEntee and Cllr Alan Tobin also had a meeting recently

with daa’s CEO  Kenny Jacobs regarding  the same issues raised including noise and flight paths over Meath

and north county Dublin.

She says  Jacobs has committed to including Meath with any future engagement and will update residents

in Meath with updates and keep in contact with local councillors in the area. She said it was a positive

meeting. Cllr Tobin went on to say it had been robust meeting and let Jacobs know the dissatisfaction people

in Ashbourne are having to deal with. He pointed out that there is no quick fixes but they hope to

have some form of resolution will be forthcoming in the next 6 months. Cllr Tobin also reiterated that the  Ceo has said

he will come down and meet the local councillors in Ashbourne and Ratoath but at this stage it will

after the local elections.

It might not be the resolution people in south Meath and north Dublin want now but at least the concerns are now being being taken

on board .

There has been many protests and meetings since the opening of the northern runway and it is affecting people’s lives in

many ways but something will have to be done to help the community, we are talking about thousands of  people,

they can’t be ignored.