‘Local businesses such as cafés and restaurants are in need of support arising from loss of business due to constant water outages’, said Eilish Balfe as she brought Ivana Bacik TD, Labour Party Leader, on a short visit to Ratoath based businesses on Friday 10 May 2024.

Eilish Balfe is the Labour Party’s Candidate in the Ratoath Local Electoral Area for the 7th June elections.

‘One local restaurant owner has estimated losses of about €50,000 due to repeat water outages including outages on major business occasions such as New Year’s Eve. These businesses contribute hugely to the quality of life in country villages and they need all the support that they can get.’

‘We know that the problems of our water infrastructure cannot be fixed overnight but there seems to have been no contingency planning to help local communities through the infrastructure upgrade periods.’

Labour Party Leader Ivana Bacik said that ‘Ratoath and similar towns need to have as much local employment as possible and having to close down businesses for repeated periods due to water outages is just not acceptable. We will bring forward the ideas that local businesses have for some type of scheme to help them through the difficult period when upgrading is taking place but when outages are happening on a regular basis also.’

Fergal Landy, Labour Party European Elections Candidate for Midlands Northwest said ‘As I travel across this massive, I come across many cases where local communities are striving to make good quality living and work available in villages and townlands. These communities need all the support they can get from the government and the European Union. We don’t want Ireland to become a country of large cities only. We need vibrant, sustainable small communities across the country.’

Pictured above Ivana Bacik, Labour Party Leader with party candidates Eilish Balfe in the forthcoming Local Elections and  Lea Fergal in the Midlands Northwest European Elections.