On Monday, Meath County Council  Monthly meeting was the last in the current term for the existing councillors

most having served the last five years including the Covid pandemic in March 2020.

Next month will see the Local Elections held on 7th June with many of the existing councillors seeking re-election.

With a very busy agenda the meeting ran from 1.30 pm  to about 6.30 pm but there a number of issues on the agenda that

ensured plenty of discussion by the councillors and executive. The principal issue was related to a vote required by councillors to vote

though by a simple majority a number of planning issues that were grouped into one vote that did not sit well with members.

Failing to get the nod it meant a road that would act as an outer relief road in Ratoath did not get voted through.

The immediate result of the decision means that a development for 452 houses along the new road will now not proceed.

The CEO  Kieran Kehoe had recommended the members to vote through the amendment stressing the need for more housing in the county.

He also said he did not want to engage in dealing with a ransom strip of land about less than an acre and triangular in shape that could give

cause for a judicial review. He was not in favour of paying over the odds for such types of land.

Beo Properties Ltd had applied to An Bord Pleanála back in May 2022 for the development which would consist of 452 houses of mixed sizes.

It would also entail the building and construction of the  second phase of the Ratoath Outer Relief Road.

The other planning matters were passed in a revised amendment to the original Chief Executive’s Report governed under planning law.

Both Cllrs Nick  Killian and Aisling  Dempsey declared conflicts on interest in relation to the planning vote.


Other matters that arose included a report for proposed
development of eight wind turbines and associated works at Galboystown, Co. Meath
and Clonmellon, Kilrush Upper, Kilrush Lower, Newtown, Ballinlig, Carnybrogan,
Cavestown and Rosmead County Westmeath.

It will take 7 years to come fruition and will be operational for a life span of 35 years.

In terms of size of each wind turbines with an
overall ground to blade tip height of between 175m – 180m inclusive.
The wind turbines will have a rotor diameter ranging from 155m to 162m inclusive
and a hub height ranging from 97.5m to 99m inclusive.

Each turbine will have individual output of between 6.6MW to 7.2MW or combined 58 Mw of electricity.
The footprint for the site is about 115.81 hectares.

When up and running there will be a community fund of approximately €300,000 per annum.

The public notices state that any submissions/observations must be made to the Board not
later than 5.30pm on the 23rd of May 2024. A standalone website containing all the above
particulars can be viewed at: www.knockanarraghwindfarmSID.ie