There was good news over the weekend with Jennifer Lehane qualifying to represent Ireland in the

Olympics this summer in Paris. Jennifer is from Ashbourne and has been in the Irish training camp

for the last number of weeks in Thailand.

The 25 year old teacher has taken a break from teaching to apply herself to make the finals.

News of her success came over the weekend as she defeated Hungarian Hanna Lakotar

with  5 -0 victory on the scorecard from all the judges at the event in Bangkok,  Thailand.

“I feel on top of the world, this is the stuff dreams are made of,” she told RTE  afterwards.

“I just can’t believe it. We sat down and put the tactics together and I implemented them.

I stuck to my simple boxing and I think that’s what got me over the line today.” she also commented.

Fighting in the 54Kg division it was a fabulous weekend for Irish Boxing which will see ten boxers

competing as Olympians, six women and four men with every category represented by the women

and four by the men.

A record for Irish Boxing, how proud would Katie Taylor be this week as no doubt she set the ball

rolling for many of these young boxers. She won a gold medal back in 2012 at the Olympics in London.

Surely there will be surge for tickets from Irish sports enthusiasts to be in Paris and you can be sure there

will be family, friends,  supporters from Ashbourne too.

Well done to Jennifer and all the Irish Boxers from all us at Meath Live.

Above pic; The elation of success as Jennifer Lehane gets the verdict in Bangkok.