With the tightest of margins in Navan, Darragh McGowan, Returning Officer

for the local elections has agreed to a complete recount in Navan.

Kashif Ali, pictured above, one of the four Fianna Fail  candidates, has requested a recount and given how

tight the figures are McGowan has acceded to his request, there is a difference of 7 votes.

This will mean a complete new count tomorrow at 10.00 am in Simonstown Centre.

Meath Live spoke Kashif who said ”It is too close to call, we were given two options

and we want a full recount. The decision is for the next five years and will one day more make a difference ? ”

A lot of the candidates were surprised but have to accept the Returning Officer’sdecision.

So it’s another day of counting, luckily is is not an Euro Election !!