This came to us via WhatsApp, we have the patients name but they requested we didn’t use it.

We publish it as received.

“I was recently admitted to Navan hospital with chest pains and skin discolouration.

“I was admitted within 1 hour in the A&E department and was given a bed and then an IV feed for medication.

“CT scans, chest X-rays, ultrasounds and blood tests were done within 2 days some of which were sent to specialist departments in Dublin.

“The nurses, senior and junior work tirelessly 24/7 keeping the place running like clockwork, the catering and hygiene staff are the same and how they stay calm with some patients is beyond any normal human.

“It is not a job these people have but  a vocation, to see an international work force so efficiently keep a public service in a local town is brilliant.

“I say BRAVO to the staff of Navan hospital”.

And remember folks the HSE are trying to shut it !