Cllr. Damien O’Reilly  is reminding constituents that those in receipt of fuel allowance are now eligible for free home upgrades under the SEAI Fully Funded Energy Upgrades. 

Under this new initiative, eligible individuals will have the opportunity to receive a range of home upgrades completely free of charge, empowering them to reduce energy consumption, lower heating costs, and enhance overall comfort.

Cllr. O’Reilly said, “I am pleased to highlight the numerous benefits that the Fully Funded Energy Upgrades bring to our communities. This initiative represents a significant stride towards improving the living conditions and energy efficiency of individuals receiving fuel allowance. By offering a range of free home upgrades we are reducing energy consumption, lowering heating costs, and improving people’s overall well-being.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) experts will assess each property and make recommendations for upgrades based on various factors, including the age, size, existing heating system, and overall condition of the premises. By tailoring the upgrades to individual properties, the scheme ensures maximum efficiency and benefits for each recipient.

The FREE upgrades offered under this scheme encompass a wide range of energy-saving measures designed to significantly improve the thermal performance of homes. They include:



Attic Insulation: Upgrading attic insulation helps retain heat within the property, reducing heat loss through the roof and enhancing overall energy efficiency.

Cavity Wall Insulation: By injecting insulation material into the walls, this measure enhances heat retention, minimizes heat transfer, and improves thermal comfort within the home.

External Wall Insulation: External wall insulation acts as a protective barrier, significantly reducing heat loss and enhancing the energy efficiency of the property.

Internal Wall Insulation: This measure involves adding insulation material to internal walls, improving thermal performance, and ensuring a more comfortable living environment.

Secondary Work: In addition to major upgrades, the scheme also covers secondary measures such as lagging jackets, draught proofing, and energy-efficient lighting. These smaller yet impactful changes contribute to overall energy savings.