Our exclusive footage  shows a serious brawl erupting at a soccer match in Dundalk last week.

The game between St  Dominic’s and Shamrocks was abandoned with minutes to go and there are allegations that referee Paddy Keogh from the Louth branch ISRS may have been assaulted.

Late in the game, which was a McConville cup semi final, in the Dundalk and district league, Keogh. after consultation with assistant referee Brian Murphy, awarded a penalty to Shamrocks who were trailing 3-2 when suddenly all hell broke loose.

The  footage clearly shows officials, substitutes, supporters and players becoming involved in a serious fight.

A man who appears to be a player can be seen knocking a man in a black tracksuit to the ground with a flurry of punches.

One eyewitness claimed, ‘ The ref initially didn’t award a penalty which incensed the team who didn’t get it then after he consulted with his assistant he did give it which annoyed the other team.

‘People who had no business being on the field of play rushed in and out of nowhere there were dozens of lads having a big scrap, the penalty was the thing that kicked it off, as nothing much had happened up to that.

‘The referee abandoned the game, he could do little else and it appears he may have got struck afterwards.’

The Louth branch ISRS have not responded to request for a comment.

A league spokesman said, ‘The league have no comment to make as an investigation is ongoing.’

This is the second time in four months a Louth official has been forced to abandon a game in Dundalk.

Last April referee Paddy White was struck by a player from Cavan side Sporting BJD in a game against Dundalk side Bay Celtic, the player involved has been banned for five years.