Meath Crime Prevention have reported that people are receiving phone calls from scammers pretending to be working for phone companies.

The caller gives a fake name, and your asked to download an app, which gives the scammer access to your device,

The scammer claims they to give you money then but if you give bank details they will actually withdraw your money.

A number of people have reported that they have received phone calls from scammers purporting to be representatives of a phone company. 

An attempt was made to withdraw €1600 from one person’s account,  it was stopped in time. The scammer was even able to provide this person with their correct name and address when they were asked which unfortunately had caused the person concerned to believe that the scam caller was genuine. 

 Meath Crime Prevention, Facebook Page, has this to say ”Scammers are constantly thinking up new ways of swindling people out of their hard earned money. Do not make life easy for them! Never provide personal/bank details over the phone, by text message or by email. Never download an app at the request of a caller, regardless of who they say they are.

“Should you receive a similar type of call and you are in fact a customer of the company named by the caller, hang up and contact the company via a verified number directly to enquire about the call. If you are not a customer of the company named, simply hang up. If you think that you may have fallen victim to this or any other type of scam, contact your bank immediately and also report the matter to Gardaí. “