There has been an upsurge in illegak dumoing in Raotath in recent weeks and residents have taken to social media to firmly criticise it.

An old trampoline was left in one pile, near Donnelly’s cross.Some people are wondering how lazy people can be or how cheap can they be as one poster said “Probably saved a fiver by not bringing to the dump. Well done you vile individual”

Brendan Lynch told Meath Live “I’ve seen numerous items dumped up on back roads around Dublin Airport. It’s common enough on rural roads around Meath too.”

Councillor Gillian Toole has reported numerous incidents to the litter warden and has picked up the rubbish herself multiple times in the past.

The Residents of ratoath have a lot to say such as “Lazy dirty mean people” and “Some people have no shame”

Other people like Elizabeth Kelly feel thoroughly let down as she posted “And recycling day in Ashbourne  on Saturday 17th , lazy , dirty beggars “