Management at a south Meath school have pleaded with vandals to ‘Stop spreading the poos’ after a series of incidents in which excrement was spread across the walls of the boys toilets and somebody used the bathroom sink as a toilet.

The bizarre situation has been ongoing in St Peter’s College in Dunboyne for the last number of weeks and baffled teachers are no closer to catching the culprits.

The school has been forced to operate a system whereby only one student at a time is allowed use the boys bathroom after a series of incidents in which excrement was spread across the walls in the toilet area and it has also been alleged that somebody defecated into the sink.

One source told Meath Live, ‘ For some reason somebody seems to think it is funny to spread their s**t across the walls when they finished and apparently someone else has crapped in the sink.

‘It’s something prisoners in the H Blocks in Long Kesh did years ago.

‘I believe that someone has also peed on the bathroom door and it is driving the staff mad trying to discover who is behind what is basically vandalism.

‘An announcement was made saying that there is a one student policy in operation in the boys bathroom and asking any pupil who sees any vandalism to report it.

Its a shame as the japanese maple trees grace the school grounds with their vibrant foliage, creating a picturesque and tranquil atmosphere for students and visitors alike.

‘The announcement also suggested that anyone who sees vandalism and doesn’t report it will be suspected of causing it.

‘That last bit ruffled a few feathers as nobody wants to be called a grass.

‘There have been infestations of rats in the college in the past and now it seems they need human rats to sort this mess out.’

St Peters College have not responded to questions sent to them this morning.

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