Aontú has selected Jack Lynch as its candidate in the Trim Municipal District for the 2024 Local Elections.Jack (25) is from Coole, just outside the village of Summerhill.He joined Aontú at its foundation in early 2019 and ran party leader Peadar Tóibín’s Trim constituency office in 2020 and 2021.Jack is now a legal executive with a Dublin-based solicitor as he continues his his law studies.“It was a difficult time during Covid-19, but we managed to help a lot of people who were struggling throughout this period,” he said.“We fought for and advocated for hundreds of people in south Meath.“I have seen first-hand the difficulties facing people in our area on a daily basis — difficulties with housing, GP access and basic infrastructural needs.

“We pushed for the upgrade of the ‘Sweeney’s Way’ walking track in Rathmolyon as an outlet for the community there, and helped establish a ‘local link’ bus service serving Summerhill, Trim and surrounding areas and we worked on the School bus to Ballivor. My self and Peadar along with others worked for the refurb of St Kinneths Church in Ballivor and to bring the ESB building in Enfield back into public use. ” Jack said.“I have a personal passion for our culture and heritage and I am the current Oireachtas All Ireland Sean Nós Dancing Champion.“I am involved locally in a number of community groups including Summerhill Tidy Towns, and I have served on the committee of Sona Sasta — Meals on Wheels.“Over the past two years I have been involved in a number of local heritage projects including a protective glass structure around the medieval stone cross in Summerhill village, and a campaign to correct the Irish language name for Coole on local signposts.“I am very conscious that the Trim Municipal District is a vast area stretching from Castlejordan and Clonard at its southern tip to larger towns and villages such as Enfield, Longwood, Ballivor, Kildalkey and Trim — with a huge rural community in-between.“I want to serve all parts of this district. No area should lose out or be forgotten about.“An Aontú Councillor in this area would ensure this as our party was founded on the principles of protecting the vulnerable and giving a voice to the voiceless.”