Anyone who is in need of social housing needs to ensure that they are actively included with their council.

In Meath,the council is currently updating it’s records under law.

If you are not registered the onus lies with you.

If  you need help contact one of the local elected councillors or contact 

 the Housing  Department of Meath County Council.(contact details  below)

Meath County Council is currently preparing a Summary Social Housing Needs Assessment for 2023
in accordance with Section 21 of the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009.
The purpose of the Assessment is to capture the total number of households qualified for social
housing support across the county whose social housing need is not being met, in order to
understand the level of need for such support.

The Council is contacting certain applicants who have not been reviewed since 11th August 2022 to
confirm that they still require social housing support. Each applicant must confirm their
requirements to the Council by completing the assessment form which has been issued (via post).

Applicants who have applied after 11th August 2022 will not be written to as their file has recently
been assessed so there is no need to contact the Council unless there is a change in circumstances.
The Assessment Form should be returned no later than 13th September 2023.

All forms returned to the Council will be assessed to ensure that each applicant has a continuing
need for social housing support.  Forms must be completed in full with all relevant information. It is
important that you reply.

It will be assumed that applicants who do not return their Social Housing Assessment Forms are no
longer interested or in need of social housing support, and their file will be closed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Housing Department by calling 046 9097294/ 046
9097287/ 046 9097123 or by emailing