At half eight on Sunday night drinkers were standing on the street outside Slane’s premier pub The Village Inn,not a common sight in February.

Inside  the place was so jammed it reminded Meath Live of the Jam in London’Marquee club or the Pistols last gig in Derbys Assembly Rooms.

And the coolest dudes on the premises were the cause of the crowds.

Owen ‘Rio’ Rock, Karl ‘Mitch’ Mitchell and Andrew,’Casso’, Cassidy, aka The Infidels were busy shaking hands, and in the case of Rio and Casso drowning sorrows after Liverpools defeat earlier that day!

The trio were playing their first gig on home turf in 21 years and friends, strangers and probably a few Romans had come to lend them their ears.

Now in fairness such was the level of love floating round the boys could have played Roll Out The Barrell and they’d have brought the house down, but naturally they didn’t, instead belting out remarkably assured covers of U2, Thin Lizzy, The Jam and the rest.

When lead vocalist Casso demanded, ‘Are you ready for the time of your life’, the intro to the Housemartins Caravan of Love, he didn’t need an answer, one look told him the throng were having just that.

Dancing in the Moonlight went down a storm and when Rio took vocals on Pink Floyds Another Brick In The Wall the surge of excitement was electric, and all the time Mitch beat a mean drumstick keeping the front men ticking over, he might be in the background but Mitch is the driving force of the force of nature that is the Infidels.

A successful homecoming?

You better believe it !

An Infidels fan with erm a fan !!