A man was caught red-handed last Thursday when Mick Thornton spotted him allegedly dumping black bin bags full of rubbish on the road between Clonee and Kilbride.

Mick posted on the Dunboyne notice board on Facebook, ‘Just caught this man brazen as you like dumping black bags of rubbish on the back road from Clonee to Kilbride in his nice 201 registered  Peugeot 3008 (but he can’t afford a wheelie bin.’

He got dozens of messages of support as well, with these two just a flavour of the backing he received.

  • George Hutton

    That’s the shot Mick well done Damien o Reilly will see this hope he brings it to Meath CC
    Fair play mick. Every weekend somebody dumps rubbish on our road R156. Between Dunboyne and Summerhilfor the life of me cannot catch them. Well done
    And another poster suggested Mick could be a TV star saying, ‘Eamonn Madden; Mick Thornton you’ll be a part of the next season of crime busters.’