Management at Tayto Park have announced that the theme park and zoo will be renamed from the start of January.

The new name was unveiled today by Charles Coyle, general manager of Tayto Park, and work is underway to rebrand all elements of the attraction as ‘Emerald Park’ before the new year.

Management at the park, whose mascot is currently Tayto Crisp’s Mr Tayto, said the new name was chosen to reflect Ireland’s connection as the “Emerald Isle” with international visitors, and Co Meath’s “lush green countryside”.

Mr Coyle said: “When we announced that the name of the park would change, we were inundated with ideas from the public and it was wonderful to see such enthusiasm. We commissioned a piece of research and Emerald Park was the clear favourite. We will start next year with a new name and new brand throughout the park.”

The theme park and zoo was the vision of founder Raymond Coyle, who passed away in June.