Although the flyers don’t make it clear, (see above), it is understood that tonights protest on Navans Market Square ,(8 pm), is over the planning applications that are due before Meath County Council for two separate Direct Provision centres in the town.

And the anti refugee mood appears to be in full swing on social media with Ma Dwyers guesthouse on the Old Dublin Road a specific target.

Meath Live understands Ma Dwyers owner has purchased an adjoining property and is set to make the two houses into one for a DP Centre.

One poster left nobody in any doubt over their feelings when they said on Facebook on Thursday, ‘Ma Dwyers Guesthouse in my hometown, Navan, Co. Meath

‘A lovely 25 rooms only property that has been around for years , closed to the public last week, phones turned off and website deleted.
Today a 52 seater bus and two 14 seat buses arrived and unloaded around 80, yes 80, unvetted “refugees” and wait for it. ALL MEN

The poster received plenty of backing with one reply saying, ‘exactly pal this is a f****** joke they keep doing this all over Ireland and sneak in the man telling no one in the local area and Fred that would be a protest and does that not let them know the minds that of the people they’re the fact they know they would be protest there’s a bloody homeless crisis before even started accepting any refugees but they started housing them fairly quickly shows how much they think of the Irish and this is in no way going to stop trying to please Europe way too much they’re all men coming in half them and even from the bloody Ukraine

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