Transport Infrastructure Ireland, (TII), have informed Meath county council that they are currently unable to fund Phase 3 of the planned road improvement between Rath cross and Kilmoon cross on the N2,a decision that has been described by local councillor Joe Bonner as   a shock.

He told Meath Live, ‘This is such a huge disappointment and the announcement puts a huge question mark over the delivery of the project, will it ever be finished at this stage, and for me the financial issues appear set to impact on other projects such as the Slane bypass.

‘What impact will it have on the thousands of commuters who have to endure the traffic chaos along the existing route twice daily as they travel to and from work.

‘The consequences of this decision on the commuters of Meath cannot be ignored, nor can the impact it has on landowners along the route who are subject to planning restrictions until it is complete.

‘We need answers and we need them now, will these planning restrictions now be lifted ?, how does this affect the Slane bypass ? when will finance be available? will the project ever be completed ?

‘We need to be told and we need to be told now so everyone affected can plan for the future.’