If social media is the judge Colm O’Rourke fared better in his second appearance on RTE last night than he did in his first.

The former principal of St Pat’s in Navan first featured as he stood on the sideline watching his Meath team get well beaten by Derry, (RTE2 5.0), then he was the first guest on the pre recorded Tommy Tiernan show (RTE 1 9.30)

The idea behind Tiernan’s show is that he is not aware who he will be interviewing until they walk on stage and the expression on his face when O’Rourke came on revealed his shock.

Colm taught Tommy geography in  St. Pats, but as can be seen in the video below that was only in between throwing him out of class!

RTE viewers reacted on Twitter by calling the much decorated footballer ‘pure chaotic’ after his interview on the show.

One viewer said: “Colm O’Rourke is pure chaotic”

While another tweeted “Amazing role model for young people,Colm O’Rourke and an absolute gentleman”

O’Rourke, who stepped down as a Sunday Game analyst when he got the Meath job,gave a wide-ranging interview, discussing all things from his personal life to coaching the Royals.

Asked by Tiernan if he had many crises in his life, he replied: “I’ve had a pretty boring life. I grew up in a big family, went to school, had no interest in school whatsoever.

“I was very single-minded, in that I wanted to have success as a footballer and I think that was maybe at the cost of a lot of other things.”

And when asked about his mental health, he said: “I came from a big family and in a big family situation you’re more or less expected to get on with things yourself and there was no molly-coddling.”We were farmers, you worked hard you got on with things and there was nobody there to give too much in the way of positive affirmation and you were expected to get on with things yourself.’