The website www.ontheditch,com has tonight published a story suggesting Meath County Council CEO Jackie Maguire had a conflict of interest when she signed off on a 138 house development by Glenveagh Homes on the outskirts of Navan.


The conflict arose as Maguire’s son works for Glenveagh and has done so since 2017 according to the website.


It adds, ‘  Glenveagh has had 21 planning applications approved by Meath County Council, the first of which was submitted in October 2017. The council has refused one of the developer’s applications.


‘Maguire has served as Meath County Council’s chief executive since 2013. Her previous role was Leitrim county manager.’


Meath County Council had not replied to a request for comment when the story was published.


However we can reveal that when we put a set of questions to the Council almost two years ago, on June 25th 2021, we did receive a reply.from their media officer


It was a very short one containing just five words, ‘There is no such conflict’ (see pic below).


The Village Magazine at that time forwarded this question, ‘ ‘Can you please confirm whether CEO Jackie Maguire has a direct relation working for Glenveagh Homes, or any associate company, and whether this poses a conflict of interest, (or requires a declaration of a possible conflict of interest) on her behalf in relation to the proposals she has made in the Development plan which she has presented to Meath County Council?.’


They received the same reply, so we decided to forward these more detailed queries.

1; We are aware of an email sent to all councillors, (see attached pics), in relation to queries forwarded by the Village Magazine over a possible conflict of interest involving the CEO.
We note however that the CEO has not replied to one of the queries so we will submit it again.
(a), Does a direct relative of Jackie Maguire work for Glenveagh Homes?
A yes or no answer will suffice
If the answer to the above is no then (b), has a direct relative of Jackie Maguires worked for Glenveagh homes in the last five year period
2; We note your response to the second part of the Village question in which you say there is no conflict of interest.
If the answer to question 1 (a) is yes then please explain how the CEO’s objection to a motion on de zoning of lands across Meath does not represent a conflict of interest
3; Has the CEO ever declared a conflict of interest on any matters concerning Glenveagh Homes
4; Have any lands owned by Glenveagh Homes been de zoned in the last five years
5; Have any lands owned by Glenveagh Homes been zoned residential in the last five years
6; Roughly how many meetings at which matters pertaining to Glenveagh Homes have been discussed has the CEO attended
7; How much land owned by Glenveagh Homes in Meath is currently zoned for building
Nine days earlier all councillors had received an email containing the questions asked by the Village and the councils five word response.
Two years down the line it appears that five word response was misguided at best.
If the CEO believes there was no direct conflict of interest we will accept her belief, but she must surely concede there most certainly was a situation which could lead to the perception that there was.

CEO Jackie Maguire

We have one more question for the Council.

Do you want to change the answer to our questions of June 2021 ?