The distraught dad of a man believed to have been killed by Gormanston gangster Cornelius Price has labelled the 41 year old psychopath who died in Wales earlier this week as the devil.

And Joe Maughan blasted,  “I wish death on nobody but if there’s one person in the world that deserves to die it’s him. I hope he burns now in hell.

Willie and Ana

“He done evil things. Evil has to be dealt with. You don’t get away with evil.’

Maughan’s son Willie and his pregnant girlfriend Ana Varslavane are believed to have been killed by Price in his fortified Gormanston compound back in 2015.

Gardai believe the couple were killed as Price feared they may reveal his involvement in the shooting dead of Benny Whitehouse in Balbriggan the previous year.

Price who had a tattoo of Satan across his back has been described as the ‘Most evil man I ever dealt with’ by former Garda Commissioner Michael O’ Sullivan.