A new phrase entered the GAA vocabulary today the intercept goal.

An intercept try in rugby is when a player steals an opponents pass and runs half the pitch to score a try.

Yesterday Louths Craig Lennon did something similar to that when he intercepted a poor Jack O’Connor pass and did his best Forrest Gump impression by running eighty metres before shooting to the net despite Harry Hogans best efforts to save.

However as is by this stage almost traditional in Meath v Louth games, think Joe Sheridan 2010, there was good reason to think this one shouldn’t have stood either.

Lennon clearly bounces the ball twice which is not allowed.’

The pic below,is the definition in the rule book, and clearly defines a bounce, as a player who has caught the ball to play the ball against the ground with his hands.

We all know you can’t do that twice in a row or it is a free kick to the opposition, and Lennon blatantly bounces it twice.

The referee Joe McQuillan is well positioned to see the infringement but for some reason ignores it.

Let the debate begin.



SCORERS – Louth: C Lennon 1-1, D McConnon, S Mulroy (2f), C Downey 0-3 each, L Jackson, C McCaul, C Grimes, T Durnin, D McKenny 0-1 each. Meath: S Walsh (1f), J Morris 0-3 each, D Keogan 1-0, J Flynn, M Costello (1f) 0-2 each, R Jones, J Scully 0-1 each.

MEATH – H Hogan; A O’Neill, M Flood, H O’Higgins; J O’Connor, D Keogan, S McEntee; R Jones, J Flynn; C O’Sullivan, J Scully, D Campion; J Morris, M Costello, S Walsh. Subs: J O’Hare for McEntee (ht), T O’Reilly for O’Sullivan (53), E Harkin for Campion (inj 55), D McGowan for Scully (63), D Moriarty for Jones (69).

LOUTH – J Califf; N Sharkey, P Lynch, D McKenny; L Grey, C McKeever, L Jackson; C Early, C Grimes; C Downey, A Williams, T Jackson; D McConnon, S Mulroy, C Murphy. Subs: C Lennon for T Jackson (inj 12), C McCaul for Williams (14), T Durnin for Grey (inj 21), B Duffy for L Jackson (56), J Hughes for McConnon (69).

REF – J McQuillan (Cavan)