Gormanston gang boss Cornelius Price will be buried in England early next week, the Sunday World reports

It is believed his funeral will take place in Rochdale in greater Manchester.

The criminal died 12 days ago in a Welsh hospital from complications linked to a severe brain condition called limbic encephalitis which he had suffered from since October, 2021 and had left him comatose.

“There has been a lot of speculation that he was going to be brought back to Ireland to be buried but this was always highly unlikely,” a source said.

“For one thing because of the many evil things that he had done in his life, there was a very real prospect that some of his enemies might try to dig up his body if it was buried here,” the source added.

The funeral revelation comes despite footage appearing on a TikTok video on Tuesday night showing people gathered by the side of the road with flags and banners paying tribute to the gangster ahead of his funeral.