Ireland is proud to announce its diabetic football team, which will represent the nation at the prestigious European Futsal Championship for Diabetes in Poland.

This groundbreaking team, composed of talented athletes living with diabetes, will showcase the strength, resilience, and determination of individuals managing this chronic condition while pursuing their passion for football.The European Futsal Championship for Diabetes, a highly anticipated event in the diabetic sports community, brings together teams from across Europe to compete in an exhilarating display of skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Ireland’s diabetic football team has been invited to participate for thesecond time, marking a significant milestone in the country’s sports history.Team Manager,Joao Ferriera, expressed his excitement about this unique opportunity, saying, “We are incredibly proud to represent Ireland at the European Futsal Championship for Diabetes. Our team is composed of talented individuals who are not only exceptional athletes but also exemplify the determination and courage it takes to manage diabetes on a daily basis. This tournament allows us to showcase our abilities on an international stage and inspire others living with diabetes to pursue their dreams.”

The diabetic football team consists of players from various regions across Ireland, each with their own inspiring journey of overcoming challenges and defying the odds. These individuals have proven that diabetes does not limit their potential, and their participation in the championship serves as a powerful reminder that with proper management and support, individuals with diabetes can excel in any endeavor.The European Futsal Championship for Diabetes is a collaborative effort between European diabetes organizations, aiming to raise awareness about diabetes and promote an active lifestyle among people living with the condition. By showcasing the achievements of athletes with diabetes, the tournament demonstrates the importance of regular physical activity and highlights the potential of individuals who may face health challenges.

The event will take place in Poland, offering a platform for teams to compete against each other in an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendly competition. Ireland’s diabetic football team is looking forward to embracing this opportunity, forming new connections with athletes from different nations, and showcasing the spirit of Ireland on the international stage.