The owners of Tara Mines have condemned suggestions that it intends extending its Tailponds in the Gibbstown area as speculation.

In a statement to LMFM News this morning the company appears to dismiss the fears of residents who held a second public meeting over the issue in Gibbstown last night and says it respects all of its stakeholders and in the event of any future intentions, the company will engage with the local co

At last nights public meeting fears were expressed that the company has reportedly bought up more land in the area and plans to extend its facility used to store waste materials.

One source told Meath Live, ‘There was a view expressed by many that the pond here is big enough already and that Tara has lands in other areas like Boyerstown which can be used for this purpose.’

The Tara statement reads;

Boliden Tara Mines does not wish to comment on speculation.

Boliden Tara mines has the utmost respect for all our stakeholders.

In the event of any future intentions the company will engage with these stakeholders in an appropriate manner.