In little over a week Independent Cllr Joe Bonner has built up some startling facts about the Bus Eireann lack of services in the county.
Started on Sunday 15th of October to today, over 963 people submitted and completed the survey he launched on his face book page.
It will come as shocking news to know that people cannot rely on Bus Eireann to do their daily commutes.

Buses just simply driving past, being late or not turning up, schedules being cancelled are among the issues raised.
The service looks to be in a shambolic state at the moment and the sad thing about it people are at their wits end depending on a service that is not fit for purpose.
Meath Live has seen the letter sent into management seeking action by Bonner this week.

As Cllr Bonner states ”This is in real time as to what is happening now. We have had road works but we have worked to alleviate the issue as best we can.
The survey does not include the many texts, emails and phone calls I have had and no doubt other members. The point is people are worried about their jobs getting to college and getting to appointments.

Cllr. Joe Bonner

Cllr. Joe Bonner

We have a government strategy asking people to use the services and not to drive their cars into work.
What do they expect people to do. Some people are even considering selling up and moving back to the city they can’t trust the services. I have written several times to Bus Eireann and got standard replies but this doesn’t wash with me I want action and I want to see something happening pretty fast.
I am happy to make all the information available to show the stark position

When you get a chance to look at the replies to the survey, you find the following observations;

63% complaints relate to the 103 route 37% the rest of routes

Purpose of journey
52% Work
27% Education
8% Medical & Health appointments
1% Airport
22% General use

In other issues arising overcrowding, dirty buses, issues with staff and customers. The N2 artery into Dublin along with all the other routes sees massive moment of traffic but from
the Kilmoon on the N2 section into the Ashbourne roundabout at peak time can be like a car park at times and people are leaving earlier and earlier to beat traffic.

The biggest complaint though is the break down in a full a sustainable service.
There has to be resolutions to these concerns.
Cllr Bonner has offered to work with anyone in Bus Eireann to rectify the situation as soon as possible. He clearly points out
”It cannot continue, the people deserve better, we are now coming into the winter months, is this a fair way to treat their customers.”