Aontú local area representative for the Ashbourne electoral area, Brandon Scott, has called on the council to make immediate safety improvements due to the lack of footpaths and the high speed of cars in the Skyrne parish.

Some locals were very eager for a footpath to be erected from the GAA facility to the local shop in order to enable safe access for young members and provide that bit more independence to travel to the village at their own leisure.

Scott continued “We at Aontú Ashbourne propose that lighting and a pedestrian crossing be installed leading up to the facility so as to mitigate the likelihood of an accident in this area. Also, we would favour the erection of a footpath from the GAA pitch to the village to ensure there is safe access for young members of the club.

“I was also informed of the precarious challenges caused after the 5 Roads junction and before Priest’s Cross on the Skryne Road. Indeed, these have resulted in a severe, but thankfully non-life threatening accident only three weeks ago as a motorbike collided with a car that was emerging from a driveway.

“Although four speed bumps have recently been installed just before a dangerous junction in the centre of the village and have been excellent deterrents to speeding, the residential area on the main road is still exposed to high rates of speeding from motorists. This, coupled with the lack of footpath on either side of the road, renders pedestrians vulnerable to high speeding cars.

“I have reported the various concerns on behalf of the residents to Meath County Council. I requested the installation of speed bumps for the duration of this stretch of road as I believe it is just a matter of time before a fatality arises due to last month’s accident and our own experiences talking to homeowners living on the stretch of road”, Scott concluded.