Gardai were called to the scene of a fight between two pupils at Ashbourne Community school on Wednesday of this week.

A source told Meath Live, ‘ Basically what happened was that on Wednesday two second year students got into a fight and the one who was coming off worse got a friend in to help, when the friend jumped in so too did the other guy’s older brother’

‘ A hammer was produced at one stage but the person using it had it taken off him and when teachers arrived to break it up one of those involved began punching them and a female teacher was bodily flung across a hall while a male staff member was pinned against the wall and struck.

‘The next day a parent of one of those involved in the initial scrap arrived in and started waving a hatchet about trying to get at someone he felt had attacked his son, but the guards arrived on the scene pretty quickly and took him off the premises.’

Gardai and the school have been contacted for comment.