In the aftermath of Storm Isha yesterday that had strong and dangerous winds there has been damage reported all over the country.

Here locally in the county there are still homes without power and water, more so in outlying areas.

In  Wilkinstown the school was forced to close as there was no power or water and children got an unexpected day off.

There have been a number of trees and large branches down almost everywhere in the county and country.

There are reports of road fatalities with two male drivers killed,, a man in his 40’s died in Claremorris, in Derry another man in his 60’s and a young female passenger in her 20’s

was killed near Louth Village the driver was brought to hospitalisalised with his injuries.

Caution is advised to motorists and people out on the roads. Do not attempt to go near fallen trees as there maybe live power on fallen lines.

Call the emergency services and don’t take unnecessary risks.

Yesterday also saw major disruption to Dublin airport with hundreds of inbound and outbound flights cancelled.

Some flights that were to land in Dublin were diverted to Shannon and intended travellers bussed down and back.

Overall there is close to  180,000 without power on the island 155,000 reported by ESB and 24,00o in the six counties.

There is a new storm alert  Storm Jocelyn  to hit Ireland more in the west of Ireland

With the effect of the strong winds continuing there could be more fallen trees in your locality that have been weakened

by yesterday’s storm, land owners should be carefull.