The list of what every TD in the country claimed in expenses has just been published.’

In Meath Sinn Féin’s Johnny Guirke leads the way as he took in just under €50,000 while party colleague Darren O’ Rourke was not far behind.

All three ministers in the constituency, FG deputies, Helen McEntee and Damien English along with Thomas Byrne of FF all claimed the maximum €16,000 allowed to those holding ministerial office.

TDs can claim the cost of their constituency office energy bills under a taxpayer-funded allowance for public representatives.

The €20,350 a year allowance can also be used to pay for some of their domestic electricity and gas bills if they use part of their home as a constituency office.

Public Representatives Allowance (PRA) is paid to all TDs and senators every year. Senators can claim €12,225 and cabinet ministers and ministers of state can claim up to €16,000.

The funding can be spent on a range of bills associated with being a politician, such as renting premises, paying interest on office mortgages, furniture and computer equipment.


Meath TD’s expense claims;

Meath East;

Thomas Byrne (FF) € 16,000


Helen McEntee (FG) €16,000


Darren O’ Rourke (SF) € 45,645



Meath West;

Johnny Guirke  (SF), €49,015

Peadar Toibin (Aontú) € 45,645

Damien English (FG)  € 16,000