Cllr.Damien O’Reilly has confirmed that 96,765 cost-of-living payments have been issued in Meath in order to ease the pressure families and households are facing.  

30,958 Meath families received the double Child Benefit that was paid in November. The Autumn double payment for social welfare recipients was paid to 43,397 people in Meath. 11,540 people received the €400 Fuel Allowance lump sum payment while 6,683 received the Living Alone Allowance €200 lump sum payment. 


In total, 96,765 cost-of-living payments are being issued in Meath in order to ease the pressure on people across the county. In the coming days, 4,187 carers in Meath will start to receive a €500 carer’s support grant. 

Cllr.OReilly said: “Over the last few weeks, people have begun to receive the significant cost of living measures which Fianna Fáil has implemented to ease the pressure families are facing due to inflation.

“In Meath over 30,958 families have received a double child benefit payment with over 96,765 direct payments being received through either the double social welfare payment, the fuel allowance, the living alone allowance or the carers support lump sum.  

“I’m very aware of the pressure families in Meath are facing especially in the run-up to Christmas.

“Fianna Fáil are committed to supporting people through this crisis period. These direct payments alongside the energy credits on household energy bills will ease some of the pressure people are currently feeling. 

“Supporting working families, their children, older people and the vulnerable is a key priority for Fianna Fáil and I will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure supports continue throughout this inflationary period.” 

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