Independent councillor Alan Lawes has told Meath Live of his despair over a missed phone call from  an Academy Street apartment just an hour before a mans body was discovered there last Saturday night.

He revealed, ‘I went out to dinner about eight o clock with my wife and friends and unusually for me I left my phone at home, in fact my friends were slagging me about it as I always have it with me.

‘When I arrived home I noticed a missed call from an individual, not the deceased, that I know for sure is linked to the apartment where the mans body was discovered.

‘That call was made at 10 pm and the body was I  understand found an hour later.

‘In my role as a councillor I have previous interaction with this individual and I would be one of the first people they would contact if they needed help and ever since it has been going around in my head that if I had taken the call would things have turned out differently.

‘It is just one of those things that can’t be helped but sadly a man has lost his life and I am going to be thinking ‘what if?’ for some time yet.’

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