A bizarre boundary row is set to see a family left homeless inside the next month according to todays Irish Daily Star

Tracey Hughes her partner and five children live in rented accommodation in Drogheda’s Highfields estate and have been on the housing list with Louth County Council for the last five years.

Their landlord is preparing to sell up and had agreed to sell  the property at market value to the council to ensure Tracey’s family could remain as tenants.

However when the local authority researched things they discovered the house was actually a few yards across the border in county Meath and as Tracey is not on the Meath housing list the Navan based council don’t want to buy the house.

Even more frustratingly they have told Tracey that if she does join it she will be placed at the bottom of the list, and as neither council have anywhere to house them together the family will be split up.

Baffled Tracey said, ‘ It is a shocking situation, my partner and my son have been told they will to go to the local homeless shelter while myself and the rest of the children have to go in emergency accommodation,’

Sinn Féin TD for Louth/East Meath, Imelda Munster, said, ‘One of the councils needs to intervene urgently and stop this family becoming homeless.’