A trio of teen thugs have been carrying out random attacks  on residents and vehicles in Ratoath.

And angry victims have taken to social media to vent their frustration.

One poster on Facebook  reported “3 teens running through steeple chase now throwing stuff at cars at the bus stop and over the slopped hills beside the apartments at 2.45 pm on Monday.

And she added “They attacked my van twice. Throwing conkers at the windows. I stopped to confront them they were three boys about fourteen.  One dark red hair with a floppy fringe.  One dark hair tight fade at sides and they were in dark black and greyish tracksuits .”

Another revealed, “They threw stones at my husband.  (describing them) Short blonde guy with black north face jacket and grey tracksuit bottoms. Taller lad with black jacket and grey tracksuit. 3rd guy has blue jacket. Photo on way to guards”

Yet another highlighted the reckless nature of the teens efforts, saying, “Those lads got my car too today at that time, if the window was open a child would have been seriously injured.”