Catalytic Converter thieves have been prowling around the county of late and now the Meath Crime Prevention Facebook page has warned, “They are continuing to target vehicles such as most recently hybrid Toyotas” 

 They urge owners to take the following crime prevention measures 

“• When parking in public, park in non-isolated places where there is good street lighting.

• Consider purchasing a catalytic converter lock or clamp, which will help prevent its theft and deter any potential criminals. Have the catalytic converter marked with VIN or vehicle registration number.

• Report any suspicious activity, if you see persons examining or working on a vehicle in a suspicious manner, please contact Gardaí on 999 or 112.”

A spokesperson told Meath Live, ” Bear in mind that these thefts occur very quickly with those involved being very proficient at what they do. Any vehicle can have these devices stolen as all contain precious metals with a high scrap value.

A lot of these thefts occur in broad daylight and sometimes in public car parks.”