The good news to report at the close of a traumatic night is that no was seriously injured or

died from what appears to be an act of utter stupidity by mindless thugs.

Above; Smoke bellowing from the car park at Academy Square.(credit; Navan Community Facebook).

At the scene which saw all of the residents at Academy Square and DOC on call ,immediately evacuated for their personal safety.

There were many issues that come to light but tonight and into the early early hours of this morning the best thing that can be said is people are safe.

That despite an ongoing industrial  dispute with the emergency services , that depended on the Trim and Kells fire services to come to the rescue.

Navan Fire service was on strike.

It took all of close to 25 minutes to 30 minutes before they (Trim Fire Rescue) arrived closely followed by the Kells team.

It was a minor miracle that there was no escalation of the fire in that time , which ignited in the underground car park and caused the plumes of toxic smoke to rise into air.

The smoke made its way into the apartments in sections five and six as described on the new Dublin road side by residents. It also spread into the old Dublin

side coming up through various vents . We also understand some of the vents had been blocked  too by rubbish and the smoke could not clear.

Speaking to residents, some who which to remain anonymous, it was quite clear  they initially thought there was  little  danger until the firemen drove them out of

their homes.

Above; Scenes from the fire at Academy Square through the evening into night.(credit; P.Moran And Staff MeathLive).

Apparently there was also a fire in the underground  car park on Sunday afternoon which was promptly dealt with by the Navan Firefighters.

Last night though the picture was a lot different. As can be seen from the pictures and video the fire took hold and caused a major threat to life.

One elderly lady had to be brought to safety and luckily the Gods smiled and no one was seriously injured or suffered smoke inhalation.

There were no casualties as of now.

There will be a lot of questions asked and answers needed to the community, young and old, but for the minute that is for another day.

We will update you with more news on the terrible night and events as they unfolded. There are so many stories developing from the evening.

Politicians at all levels will be called to account for what could have been a tragedy. There will also it appears questions for the management company

and others.

It must be stressed the men of Trim and Kells came to the rescue when the people of Navan needed them.